Our Big Adventure!

Note; All timestamps have been adjusted to order the page, dates in the posts are accurate.

(Taylor Typing) May 23, 2017

My wife Jessica and I are about two weeks away from pushing off for our big adventure motorcycle ride that we’ve been planning all year, and this will be our main way to record the trip. Our big goals are to see as many new places around the US as possible, as many friends and family as we can, and to meet new people along the way! We’ll be touring on our new-to-us 2012 BMW GS Adventure. Its a large two-person motorcycle that is able to go off road if needed. We bought it in February this year, and it has all the upgrades and premium equipment we could ever want!

We’re running two concurrent blogs, this one to catch more of the travel and adventure aspect, as well as a “Epic Rides, Ride Report” on Adventure Rider for the more technical side of the trip planning, and to get insight from more experienced riders.

We’re planning for a 4-6 week trip. We have a lot of flexibility this summer, as Jess is a Teacher, and I just returned from a deployment (Army National Guard) and have some time off. We don’t have any kids yet, and this seems like the ideal time to set off for an adventure!

During our planning, we have acquired paper maps for almost every state we’re driving through (we’ll have to wing it with a couple). Using those we have lined out a rough path, which we expect to deviate from at our whim. The plan is to stick to scenic routes and avoid busy interstates as much as possible. We have loads of camping food which we are in the process of splitting up to mail ahead in sections at different points, so we can always have some snacks and quick meals available. We are bringing our camping gear and – while it may be rough at first – the plan is to camp as much as we can along the way to keep the budget low and the adventure real!


Itinerary around the US 

(Taylor Typing) May 30, 2017

We’ve nailed down (read: rough drafted) our itinerary for our motorcycle trip around the US! We hope to finish the trip in 6 weeks, and when we worked through the plan it landed at 42 days exactly – hopefully we’re not too far off! We’ve worked blank days in on purpose to allow for anticipated delays and long travel sections. We also know there will be places we decide we want to spend more time at, and we don’t want to be rushed by a timeline – this is about adventure, not scheduling!

Thankful for family

Family and adventure go hand in hand!

(Jess Typing) June 12, 2017

The first leg of our trip has pretty much been centered around seeing my family, and I’m loving it! It has been so good for my heart so see everyone. Even though each stop is never long enough, we feel that each individual stop has been quality time well spent.

A few things we did with the fam:

We grabbed some amazing Texas BBQ (my absolute favorite meal), saw Wonder Woman (highly recommend) and had some Bluebell ice cream :). In Arkansas/Missouri, we visited with my best friend Becca, my brothers and their wives, and played with the cutest nephews ever! Daniel loves the ” ‘cycle ” and wearing our helmets! Alistair is so smart and animated, and loved meeting his Uncle Taylor for the first time 🙂 They are both growing so fast!

We have been so blessed with great families and they all were so gracious to give us a place to sleep and some food to eat each night. We are so thankful!

In these pictures you’ll see that my sister Des got to go for a spin on the bike, pics of some amazing breakfasts, got me a Texas scarf, our stop at a peach stand for a snack in Arkansas, marked our home city on the map at the Skyline Cafe in Mena, AR and just had a blast! 

Dad and fam.

Mom, sister Destiny and her bf Hunter!

My scarf goes on my neck 😉