What good is a GPS?

(Taylor Typing) 

We’re currently sitting in a gulf-side diner grabbing a quick lunch before riding the Ferry over Mobile Bay. So far so good! 

We started out on the highway headed towards Walton Beach FL, and that lasted about an hour before we bailed for back roads through rural Alabama. We had some doubts about the rain gear we’d bought, and God was gracious enough to help us test it the first day! (and second day…) The gear kept us totally dry, and the bike is doing great! We’ve been taking a break every hour or so, and enjoying the sights and smells along the way. We made it to Walton Beach and spent the evening with some of our best friends, who treated us to dinner and breakfast, and gave some expert map review. They were so awesome to host us in their brand new house, and we left right as the movers showed up with their household goods! 
We’ve also committed to using the GPS as little as possible. How many times have you asked someone which way they came – I dunno, I just followed the GPS. So to enhance the experience we’re following maps, and figuring it out as we go. Only one hang-up so far, because apparently they skipped the sign that should have read “highway ends in 10 miles and there are no more outlets”. 

When we left this morning we hit immediate pouring rain, but opted for coastal roads anyway, and were rewarded with beautiful views, slow roads through wildlife areas, and lots of crosswinds

Foods here, enjoy some pics and more to follow later! 


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