We’re having a “honking” good time πŸ˜„

(Jess typing) 

Short story: Almost every time Taylor has to turn the bike in a tight space, the horn on the handle hits the tank bag and hilariously, and loudly announces to everyone that “we’re turning!” And I diiiiie laughing for the next 2 minutes …that’s all πŸ˜‚.

Back to our travel update…we had a fun time crossing on the ferry and met a nice couple that asked us all about our bike, and our plans. We failed to get their names, but they wished us safe travels and we were on our way. We’ve now crossed into a southern sliver of Mississippi, continuing on back country roads, through small towns and simple living. 

We ended up stopping about 90 miles short of New Orleans, which was our goal, but apparently rain is the theme of these first few days, so we decided it was best for these weary and wet travelers to take a rest. 

Praying for minimal rain tomorrow (though it is in the forecast) and ​to cross into Texas to see my grandparents!



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