About 3 days until we leave on our trip of a lifetime! I guess I should start packing🤔

But for real, I’ve never packed for a 6 week trip, much less one traveled by motorcycle. I keep saying this packing job will be more strategic than anything else. I will have to put aside my semi-girly packing habits of, “well I’ll bring this many outfits, so I can decide based on my mood that day.” 😜 Nope, we will be rotating a select few items of clothing, and pretty much doing a load of laundry at each house we stop at, or perhaps laundry mat when need be. Oh, and like 2 pairs of shoes apart from my motorcycle boots. #roughingit

I know many people are excited for us, and many might think we’re crazy. Some might even think Taylor is dragging me into this! But I am genuinely excited about the adventure ahead. While we have our maps and route mostly planned out, there is so much that is unknown, and that part puts a sense of nervous-giddiness in me. 

My main goal for this trip is to be ALL there, wherever we are. While we will certainly take pics, and update the blog, I want to view the sights out from behind my phone camera, and soak in every bit of God’s creation and time spent with my awesome husband. ☺️

Let’s do this thing! 


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